Pain Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

This department under the supervision of a physical medicine and Rehabilitation specialist (Physiatrist) offer comprehensive care for patients suffering from acute and chronic conditions like Back pain, Arthritis, sports injuries, stroke and other paralysis, Antenatal and post natal exercise program etc. The department provides services such as


Services Available in the department

  • Botox Treatment
  • Supra Scapular Nerve Block
  • Intra Articular steroids/Hyaluronidase injection
  • Wrist block
  • Trigger Point/Tender Point Infiltration
  • Acupressure


Packages for Physiotherapy


Doctors  / Specialists

Dr.Rachel Samuel - MBBS, DPMR


Department Timings

Call 222 6565 for timings

(+965)24333354, 99699710

What's New?

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  • India
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